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    Any one recommend a barcode system for mac
    Hi, thinking about barcoding as a possible solution for my business.

    (have over 2,000 items-posters- and offer them in a few sizes) and want to put them on sale in a place that uses a barcode system.

    I anyone here using and Mac compatible barcode scanner & Software system, in their business. (I wont be at the sales edge if this, so I dont think POS software may do for me)

    but it would be handy to know what stock they are selling for replacing items.

    any users of such have any recommendations.

    (I plan to use a powerbook. at present I have desktop iMac27" quad i7)

    regards, Sandy

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    I don't know if any of these implementations will meet your needs but here is a barcode company that has some MAC solutions:
    Apple Macintosh Barcode Integration Guide ~ IDAutomation

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