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Thread: Mac os 10.4 server

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    Mac os 10.4 server
    I have long lost my Mac OS 10.4 install DVD and can't believe the high prices to replace it. I have bought 2 brand new hard drives which I want to put in and do a fresh install of the 10.4
    I have available to me, if it will work, a Mac OS 10.4 Server install dvds. Besides being something I have wanted I am wondering if the SERVER install will also install the the 10.4 OS...Or do I actually need to do the Mac OS 10.4 installation first? In other words will the server install also contain the items like MAIL and other apps???

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    Please don't double post.

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    sorry, I am new on here and have trouble finding the proper forum or discussion and this forum's Search does not work. It only opens up a completely blank page

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