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    Oct 25, 2010
    New to mac. Installing Leopard
    I was recently given a Power Mac G4 From work. Being a PC user..this is all totally foreign to me but I would like to be able to use it.

    Currently the Mac is running off 10.39. I would like to have it running off Leopard.
    Finding a copy of Leopard with Snow leopard on the market is a task in itself. I did find a torrent file online..but as I said..I'm totally clueless when it comes to this and I have no clue how to download it. Please forgive me if this question seems totally obvious and stupid.

    Okay so once I click the file I get a window that asks..Save file as, Plug in or application. I chose Save file as. when its finished..a window pops up that says.

    The following disk images failed to mount. Reason, No mountable file system. Yep , I'm obviously clueless and doing something wrong. If anyone could help me..I would so appreciate it.

    Also, I have Photoshop and other Adobe programs on this mac. When loading I going to lose these programs?

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    haha, sorry for laughing but im thinking youre os dosnt work because you torrented it. torrent forums that i am part of have talked about this very problem. it is possible to pput it on !! but you have to call 1800MYAPPLE and it costs $120 to buy the Dvd

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    And the mods will slam this thread shut as we do not like pirating.

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    A torrent of OSX (or any other OS for that matter) is against the US Law and we do not allow any discussion of anything that breaks USA Law on our forums.

    You need to purchase whatever OSX you want on your machine.

    Also another note. You mentioned Snow Leopard. That is for an Intel Mac only. A G4 is a Power PC Mac. Snow Leopard will not install nor run.

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