I've used Adobe Garamond for 20 years in thousands of documents. With Leopard (10.5.8), none of the Adobe Garamond Expert characters work. Font Book says they're valid and active, but characters are blank. All works fine in 10.4.11 with an exception:

Adobe Garamond (even non-Expert fonts) in iWork Pages produces strange characters . . . even in 10.4.11.

I've discovered that at some date Adobe replaced all the separate Adobe Garamond font files with a new Adobe Garamond "family" font, which includes all the Expert, Alternate, Titling, etc fonts that were originally separate.

Does anyone know if there's a solution to make my fonts work? Or will I have to re-purchase the newer font and will it work with Pages?

Adobe has not been much help. It looks like they only provide help for their bigger software products, no body seems to know anything about fonts.