About 7 months ago I bought an eMac running on OSX 10.5.6 Leopard.

I set up my own user account, and changed it the Administrator, then deleted, I thought, that of the previous owner, let's call him 'ross'.

However, once or twice in the 7 months, I've done something, i can't remember what, that seemed to have required the entry of ross's old password. No problem , as he had given it to me anyway.

Anyway, I liked the emac so much that I've bought an iBook G4. The thing is, when I put the eMac up for sale, I don't want to have to be telling the purchaser... " This is the Admin name, and here's the password, and occasionally you'll need to use a different password beciase the previous owner to me....

And when I click Finder on bottom left on screen, another window comes up, with a little house on the top with the name 'ross' on it, and all the different folders, Desktop, Documents, Downloads.... they contain all my own downloads..

And somewhere else, I can't remember how, I got a field showing up as
'ross's emac ...." something, something'.

All I want to do is expunge ross , and install myself as the master of this machine. And does it mean deleting all my files from 'ross' ?