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    Weird torrent files keep regenerating on my computer
    Hey some weird torrent files keep regenerating on my Mac (OS 10.6.4) This has been happening for the past several months...

    Every 20 minutes or so (after I delete the files) about 20 or so of the SAME .torrent files regenerate on my computer in in "Movies" folder in my home drive...I tried using CleanApp to get rid of my torrent app (Vuze) and all associated plist files etc...that didnt help, tried running a scan on my computer using ClamXav and that didnt help...I am completely stumped about from where the files are being appears to be completely random! BTW the torrent file names are EXACTLY the same every time and the number of files never changes...also the location of the files never change.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Did you download and give password for installation of a codec or malware from a porn or pirate site? That would seem to be the problem. You may well be up for a format and clean install, but first clear cache and clear history and cookies in all your browser preferences.

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