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    IP Cameras for mac
    I'm about to pull my hair out...
    I'm looking for a network camera which can be connected directly to a modem.
    A camera which can be controlled (pan/tilt) and viewed through a browser or on an iPad/iPhone. Preferably nightvision, motiondetection and auto upload to a ftp server upon detection.
    I noticed 99% of the cameras don't support mac!?
    I'm hoping to spend around $400, don't know if this is realistic.
    Can anyone recommend a good camera and software to get the job done?

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    I think most IP cameras are designed to work with a web interface

    I work for Bosch, which make night vision IP cameras - so will ask the tec bods in the security division how they interface - that will be on Monday when I am back at work
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    Oct 22, 2010
    Thanks, i'm very curious what you come up with.

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    Dlink 6300 series, have internal software to run in your network. Adjust router and modem settings for live audio and video streaming through your static IP.
    I upload to a ftp site for 30 sec pics and if I want to see the live cam, I run Parrallels/Windows for the feed as most cams need active X.
    Only way I could figure it out.
    Alu 15 inch

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