Hi Mac lovers!

I want some help/suggestion from all of you, so any input will be heartly appricated.

I have MAC server (10.6) with OD installed and bound to AD (Golden Traingel Setup) successfully. I have all the users/groups in AD. Fileserver is on windows 2003R2 server. Everything works fine!

Now i want to automatically mount windows shares when a user logs on to a MAC (this works fine in windows with a logonscript).


Johan is a AD-user and is member of Sales group.
Eva is a AD-user and is member of Purchase group.
Lisa is AD-user and is member of both Sales and Purchase groups

I want to achive:

When Johan logs on to a MAC, i want Sales share mounts and the same with Eva, but when Lisa logs on, i want both Sales and Purchase shares mounts.

How to acomplish this? By script?
Do i need Apple Remote Desktop to acomplish this?

if i post it on wrong section, please move it :-) thanks