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Thread: Unix Executable File Trouble

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    Unix Executable File Trouble
    Hi Guys,

    I have a folder on my USB memory stick that contains some important information which I need to access. I logged onto my computer this morning and opened up the USB memory stick to find that the folder with the information in has changed to a 'Unix Executable File'.

    How do I change this back? I have read through a few places and people have said about buying different products but i'd like to do it without having to pay anything extra if possible.

    I do have backups but they are over 300 miles away from where I am!


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    Open a terminal and go to the file
    cd /Volumes/<the name of your USB disk>
    chmod 644 <the name of the file>
    This will change permissions to
    You can verify this by doing a ls -l in the proper directory.

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