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    Sep 18, 2010
    Change File/Folder icon permanently
    Hi guys,

    i know there are tons tutorials out there to change a file/folder's icon...
    mainly the "get info" method or third party software.

    but the moment i moved the file with custom icon to a removable media, say an external hard disk, the icon does not follow. and i can't change an icon to the files on the ext hdd as well through the "get info" method.

    i used to be from windows background, so i'll just set a thumbnail cover to the folder and it stays when burned to disc. (of course, the disc when opened on mac doesn't have the thumbnail cover. i didn't know before, since i didn't have a mac to check on)

    problem here is i'm hoping the custom icon can stick permanently and be seen on any removable media (CD/DVD/HDD) and viewable on a PC. i'm hoping there's a way to do so, so that i can put a representing image cover to the folders i burned for my projects. this way my lecturerS can easily get an overview of the content inside each folder. and i'm not sure if these lecturers uses a mac on it'll be great if that icon is readable on both.

    i would be grateful for any form of help.


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    Sep 18, 2010
    i found out that on a fat32 external hdd, i can change the icon to the files in there...but not to a ntfs formatted hdd
    anyway to work around for ntfs?

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