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    Calendar question
    Hello, I will be finally ordering my iMac today and my wife asked me an interesting question regarding calendar usage.

    We will be setting up two accounts on the computer, one for her, and one for me. We will also be planning on using the built in email and calendar package that comes with the iMac.

    What she asked was if it's possible that despite having two seperate accounts, if we can have a shared calendar. So, if she makes changes to that calendar on her account, it will appear on my account, and vice verser.

    Additional to that, I am presuming it will sync automatically with my iphone calendar.

    and finally, is there anyway to access that calendar remotely, say on a windows PC?

    Would the best way be to go with something like Google calendar? My hesitation there is that I guess it won't sync with my iPhone.

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    I guess this a harder question than I imagine. Anyone any ideas?

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    I think your best solution is to create a Google calendar and sync your Mac iCal calendar to that. You then should be able to sync your iPhone to iCal. Using Google's calendar will allow you to access it from a Windows PC and both you and your wife can log in and change either calendar.

    I use Google calendar with my family because they use Windows and we don't share computers so they don't have access to my Mac iCal calendar. I use iCal for my own personal stuff. You can even use iCal to update Google calendar because if you set it up correctly it will sync both ways. I basically use both iCal and Google's calendar and create several individual and joint calendars.

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    Sounds great to me Endless Mac. Many thanks for your support. I ordered my mac yesterday and I look forward to setting this up :0)

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    Unfortunately the way Apple calendar works is only you can edit your calendars. You can share them so your wife can see them but only you will be edit yours and she hers.

    EDIT: If you have MobileMe, it appears there is a way now..

    Red the last post and follow it.

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