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    saf boot trouble shoot

    can you help? I have been having a problem with some software (vectorworks to be exact) and I have found that when i "safe boot" the machine the problem goes away. I have concluded that i have a corrupt program running in the background. my question is how do i find it. i have gone into my Activity Monitor program and have tried killing various stuff based on activity but still no luck.


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    I would suggest you head for one of the vectorworks forums. Here is one:

    Vectorworks Community Board - Forums powered by UBB.threads™

    I will also suggest you provide them with the nature of your problem to save them the time in having to ask you.

    You should also provide them with the OS and vectorworks versions you are using - and probably the specs of your machine.
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    they are the ones who suggested to safe boot and find the corrupted background software. So I need to find some way to find the conflict.

    the problem is, is that when I have VW open the screen becomes pix-elated and can't refresh.

    I have run Techtools but it has only found a few corrupted HTML files. nothing that would cause my problem.

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