Quite hard to find the right section to post this in.. Tried three different (admittedly, in hindsight, blatantly wrong) sections only to find they were deleted... but hopefully I have it right now..

Anyway, my problem is this.. I am unable to upload content to two specific websites (behance.net and threadless.com).. the uploads time-out every time. I have no problems uploading image files to other sites (Facebook, Flickr etc). This started when I got a new wireless broadband connection...

I have been on to the ISP and their only suggestion was to change the DNS server IP (which didn't work), other than that they're stumped. I am able to upload using a different machine on the same connection (so my upload speeds, while slow, aren't crap enough to time out). I am also able to upload to these sites on my machine when using a different internet connection (eg dongle)

So the problem is definitely a mismatch between my mac (a 6 year old 17" macbook pro), my ISP (vodafone at home) and these two sites. Just wondering are there any network configurations I need to be changing on my mac in order to sort this? Is it something anyone has heard of before?

Quite frustrating as I need to be able to upload to these sites (I'm a graphic artist, as I'd imagine a lot of us are) and the ISP hasn't got a clue.

thanks in advance for any help.

ps If the administrator finds this is in the wrong section again - please don't delete! just let me know where best to put it.. thanks