Hi there! I'm a relatively new Mac User and first time posting here.
I've had this Mac for a couple of months and am VERY happy with it, wish I'd made the leap waaay sooner.
However, of course there are a few kinks , and I have a couple of questions about the finder as I feel maybe it is missing a very valuable feature from windows.
Something that is quite annoying is --
In Finder , when I am browsing through my Audio Files [Like on an External HD or just the normal HD]
On the top bar of the finder, there is a few options and categories for identifying and organising the files or arranging the files besides just the file name. These are :
Name / Date Modified / Date Created / Last Opened / Size / Kind / Version / Comments / Labels

However, in windows, for MP3 and other audio files, it would allow you to see the Artist Name , Album Name , and "Artist Album" as tabs in the Windows Finder / Explorer window. This was INCREDIBLY useful when going through and sorting music manually, and to arrange and view the files in the explorer window sorted in that order.

Is there a way to get this on Mac Finder?

I know that basically everyone in forums I have visited seems to write to people who have opened similar threads with a similar question to mine "Let itunes organize your music for you", but that is not what I want !! For a few reasons : Honestly, as much as I DO love iTunes, iTunes does not do a very good job of this !!
Also , I like to be able to do things manually for the finer things that a computer cannot do automatically.
I often find myself with many duplicates of songs and whole albums , and I like organising all the music on my External Hard Drive manually and into my own personalized categories ready for importing as I want them, rather than having them sorted by a clumsy automated process that leaves them all over the place and indecipherable to me !! it is nice to not have all the files on my external hard drive jumbled by similar names, and rather have them arranged for viewing in a folder / by sorting them by album or artist !! So that way I can file and categorize them correctly and by my own personal categories and delete the redundant files myself a zillion times faster , and just personalize my file structure and manage my HD space perfectly , etc etc etc.

Sorry if I made this post too long, just wanted to make sure it was clear ! Hopefully I didn't muddy-up what I was asking..
Artist and Album tabs for arranging audio files in folders ?!? How ?
Thanks !