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    BootCamp partitioning got stuck and I lost 30GB
    I was partitioning my Disk using BootCamp while trying to install Windows 7 on my MacBook (30GB partition) but my partitioning never ended. The stupid BootCamp got stuck so after one hour I had to turn off my MacBook. I even listened if the HD was working but nothing... The shut down was inevitable.

    So I turned on my MacBook again and all seemed fine. That was until I checked my HD capacity! My HD was 30GB less than what I should normally have. Instead of 60GB FREE space I know had 30GB. So I thought that ok, BootCamp must have managed to make the partition even if the MacBook crashed and burned.

    No, it hadn't. My 30GB have vanished! I also went to disk utility and used Partition to see if there was any space there but nothing. Disk Utility see my HD as a 250GB disk which is correct. Somehow that 30GB has been recognized as a big chunk of info on my HD so now I am missing 30GB...

    Has this ever happened to you?
    Is a format inevitable?


    Has this
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    Some users have reported this same problem when Boot Camp fails in the middle of partitioning. Unfortunately it appears when this happens the partition table gets messed up. The only cure I know is to erase the hard drive and reinstall OS X. Make sure you backup your data first! Use Time Machine.

    And before you reinstall OS X, run a verify and repair for the entire hard drive to make sure there are no bad sectors.

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    I re-installed OS X. What a waste of time...
    Thanks for the reply mate!
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