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    Downloading and opening files w/o saving
    Is there a way to download a file (a pdf, excel file, etc) from a web browser without it saving to the computer? In Firefox, there's an option to open or save the file but both choices save it.

    I believe in Windows you have to option to open files without saving them which is what I'd like to do.

    I put this in the OS X support category b/c it seems like it happens with any web browser and I'm thinking maybe it's an OS X thing. Any suggestions on how to get around having each file saved to the computer would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm using OS 10.6.4.


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    Once you download anything.... you have saved it onto your computer, regardless of the OS or browser!
    So, what you want is to save downloads to your desktop, and then trash them once you are done.

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    OK i found a solution when using Firefox. Go to Firefox Preferences>General. Under Save Files click the Choose button. Do a command shift G and type /tmp and then hit enter. That will make the default download location a a tmp folder so the files will save there but you don't have to keep seeing them and deleting them. I believe the tmp folder clears itself out after a while.

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