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Thread: Google Maps Problem

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    Google Maps Problem
    Hi. Google maps won't load properly. (The map indicates a location, but you can't see the streets or anything. It is all just grey.) I recently moved to Istanbul and at first I thought the issue with google maps was because Google and Turkey are having issues with each other. I never had this issue in the U.S. However, I realized that not everyone here is having this problem. I have looked around on line to find an answer and I get the impression that this issue (or at least solving it) is operating system specific. I generally use firefox, but when I use safari google maps still behaves the same way. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Are you sure your ISP in Turkey isn't blocking Google Maps? It can't be operating system specific if Google Maps worked OK when you were in the US.

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    I changed the DNS settings and now its working.

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