Hi there people,

I've had my Macbook pro now for about a month..
And just recently I've come across a minor problem. It isn't major, but something I would like just for convenience/preference.

Having done a fair amount of searching and reading, i checked out that many people have spoken of issues with Autofill on Safari.
But the problem I am faced with is a little different.

Basically after about a week or so of using my mbpro Safari was quite clever and recognised trends in my use-age i.e it would automatically suggest usernames and passwords for sites I wanted to access. The key term here is 'SUGGEST' not autofill. In fact, I only started checking out autofill today to try and cure my problem. But this just always has your details filled in when you access a site.
I would like for my information to be suggested as I am typing it in...as this in itself has a higher degree of security rather than it just always being there.

An example would be:
when logging into say facebook...I would type a few letters, after which the email would be suggested (highlighted in blue) along with the password. Then all I would have to do is press enter.

This is what I would like to happen. But for some reason this has stopped.

Can anyone tell me why this is and more importantly how I can get this function back.

Any help would be appreciated.