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    help with applacion blocking
    i just got a mac-book from my school but all the applications are blocked except for word and such. i see there reasoning behind this but i would like to use application such as xcode as i am just starting to learn objective c in hope of making i phone application. any help with this problem would be appreciated.

    a frustrated student

    ps. my account on here is a mobile account so i cant even see if there is a admin account on this computer.

    pps. it blocks ALL application that you download or have on a flash drive or something. and i don't have access to terminal and am runing osx 10.6

    ppps. the net admin won't help

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    Is this a machine you purchased through your school (i.e. yours to keep and do with it as you please), or does it belong to the school and was given to you for use on classes?
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    Your school has obviously blocked things and limited the way you can use the machine for a reason. Since it's their property, you need to ask someone in the IT department of your school for help on this, not here.

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    Sorry, yeah, wouldn't know the answer anyway but you could get in a LOT of trouble for overriding the school's controls, even for perfectly innocent stuff. They will just assume the worst.

    Perhaps you could invest (or your parents could invest) in a used MacBook or something like that which you could use as you wish. I certainly encourage you to learn xcode, it's the fastest way to serious moolah in the tech world right now, particularly for iPhone and Mac apps.

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