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    Can't get rid of SLATKO and RECYCLER folders on external hard drive
    I've got an external hard drive, formatted as FAT32, that I plugged into a PC and ended up with folders (which I think are PC viruses) called SLATKO and RECYCLER that I cannot get rid of. The folders are locked and cannot be unlocked by clicking "unlock" in the info page. I've also tried deleting them through the terminal using the "sudo chflags -R nouchg" command, but that didn't work. I downloaded "Delete It 2.0" and that didn't work either. I'm logged on as admin, I repaired disk permissions, nothing worked. What do I need to do to get rid of these files???

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    Attach the external hard drive to a PC running Windows XP or later. Open the file explorer from Windows. Find the external hard drive and navigate to the "Recycler" folder. Right click on the folder and select properties. Now remove the check marks from each of the attributes (hidden, read only, etc.) You may have to also do the same for the "Recycler" sub folders.

    Make sure that the option to view hidden and system files in Windows is turned on before doing the above.

    Take note that the "slatko" folder is an autorun malware folder and may not want to be deleted even using the above method. See the following LINK.

    The "Recycler" folder is a normal Windows folder used as the Recycle Bin folder for NTFS formatted drives, and therefore can be removed from the FAT-32 drive.

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