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Thread: E-mail JPEG attachment from Mac opens the image

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    E-mail JPEG attachment from Mac opens the image
    When my husband send a JPEG as an attachment from his Mac e-mail to my Lotus Notes or yahoo e-mail it opens the image and I cannot save the file as a JPEG. What am I missing? Is there something he can do differently? To him the attachment looks fine.

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    Of course you can save the inline attachment as a JPEG. Just right-click it.

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    When I right click I get Document Properties, Copy etc but Save as is not an option. I can highlight and copy into a word document but I cannot save as a jpeg.

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    Try dragging the image from where it's lodged in attachments, to the desktop. What application would you normally use to open a .jpg image? Hopefully that will open the image. Then use File > Save As.

    The same action should work with a browser, if you drag the attached .jpg across the browser icon. I've tested it with both a .gif and a .jpg, using Camino (a lesser relative of FFox).
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