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    iWork versus MS Office for MAC
    i did search the posts for an answer to my question before posting this, and came up empty. it could be that i just did not phrase my search right, but..
    i have been using iWork on my macbook for a few years, but had to breakdown and buy the ms office for mac recently.

    my question is: when i open email attachments, most of which are generated by ms office on a pc somewhere, i now have to tell my macbook that i want the documents, spreadsheet, power point, etc opened in iwork applications. is there a way to automatically force these attachments to be opened in the associated iWork application rather than the associated office for mac application?


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    Select a file of the type that you want to change (ie. ppt presentation, word doc, etc) > right-click > Get Info > Open With > change to appropriate app > "Change All..."

    That will change the system wide default (not just attachments). Will that do?
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    i will give that a try vansmith, thanks.

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