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    Hi to everyone, I just bought an used macbook pro (last gen, 13 inches) a couple of weeks ago and I just figured out that I can't install or change nothing without the admin password. I cannot contact the person who sold me the computer and I do not have the OSX cds so i'm completely stuck.

    I've seen some videos on youtube about starting the pc in command line mode and changing some stuff but I'm not sure if it works on this macbook pro.

    Is there a way to change or delete the account, or format de computer without the cds and the admin password??

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    This may sound ridiculous, but have you tried just hitting enter? Whether there is a password or not, it will prompt you for a password. If there is no password, you just hit enter. Try that first. If that is the case, just go about doing everything as you normally would.

    If not, you need a Mac OS X disc to remove the password through ~Utilities, Reset Password. A retail copy is only $29.99. If you know the terminal very thoroughly, type in ">console" in the password prompt and proceed through there to delete the password.
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