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    multiple items info
    I recently discovered it and thought others might also be interested:

    I upgraded to tiger and now when i select multiple items and click get info, instead of group info (like in panther) you get separate info window for each item. that was quite frustrating.

    now I found out, that if you want to get info for multiple items all you need to do is press option(alt) key and choose "show inspector" from file menu or right-click pop-up dialog. its pretty cool. when you press option "get info" changes to "show inspector"

    you can keep inspector window open and select/deselect different item and the inspector updates in real time.

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    Yeah I discovered that recently, it was driving me crazy as I'm so used to selecting multiple items and have it show the total values.

    Pity that apple changes stuff like that and doesn't really announce the way to get the behaviour you want.

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    That was how the get info functioned in the old days. Which was frustrating for us that was use to it, when it was changed in OS X.
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