Hello everybody,
Thanks in advance for helping me. I just bought myself a new wireless keyboard for myself and boy do I love it. I am using it with my old 2007 Macbook Pro. I noticed that the hotkeys on top of the wireless keyboard do not match up with my macbook pro hotkeys. My macbook pro is the generation without the play, speed up, speed down, and widgets hotkeys but my new keyboard has those keys. The wireless keyboard has f5 and f6 as programable keys but when I try to program f5 as Show Desktop in Expose, it won't let me since on my macbook pro I have set it up for f11 to do that function. Does anybody know a way where I can have both f5 and f11 to work as Show Desktop? I don't want to remap my macbook pro hotkey to be f5 since f5 is taken up as volume up on my macbook pro. Anything suggestions will help!