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    Oct 07, 2010
    VPN & Windows server - connects OK, no data
    I've read more than a dozen threads with similar issues to this and spent hours trying to solve it, but have not found an answer so far...

    I have setup a PPTP VPN using the inbuilt client (OSX 10.6.3) to a Windows RRAS server.

    It connects (gets a valid IP from DHCP) and authenticates alright (I can see the logon event), but I can't get any data across the VPN to the work network. I can't ping any of the work network, by hostname (incl FQDN) or IP.

    Any Windows desktop can connect to the VPN fine and can see the work network.

    Any help with the VPN would be appreciated!

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    Have you tried connecting to the server shares with the log in name in the format domain\username ?

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    Oct 07, 2010
    I'm actually trying to connect using Remote Desktop Connection. But, the point is I can't even ping the server, let alone connect any drives. I need connectivity first first before I can connect a drive. If I try to map a drive it can't find the server, so I can't authenticate the drive mapping.

    However, the VPN authenticates using domain\username and that doesn't make a difference.

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    Oct 07, 2010
    I've spent several more hours crawling the web and can only find people with the same problem. but without any solution.

    Does anyone have anything they can add to this please?

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    Oct 14, 2010
    Question Similar

    Sounds like I've got exactly the same problem, running on 10.6.4

    It connects and authenticates, receives DHCP IP and is visible (and disconnect-able) with RRAS on Server 2003 but cannot reach anything on my LAN.

    Thats with the VPN as the 'top' network in the list, and with the 'Send all Traffic over VPN' option selected.

    Further, I have established that the server setup is correct as any windows pc's have access as expected when connecting.

    Also a bit short on ideas now. . . . ?

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    Oct 07, 2010
    OK, problem solved.

    Go to:
    1- System Preferences
    2- Network
    3- Click the Cog / Tool menu drop down and select "Set Service Order"
    4- Drag the VPN connection to the top.

    Connect the VPN and it should work. Simple really, but stupid. I had to pay someone else to help me, now I give it to you free.

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