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    External HD: in HFS or NTFS?
    I can work with NTFS HD with no problem on my macbook w "NTFS for MACOS" app. I also will be accessing files with a windows XP laptop.

    is it better to work in NTFS or is HFS advisable when working via firewire 800 on macbook 2010?

    I havent found a decent software for XP that can access HFS.

    Will i run into journaling problem if I access the drives with different OS?

    Am i risking corruption if i constantly access NTFS drives in my macbook by using 3rd party software?

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    If all you're doing is transferring data files back and forth, I tend to use NTFS for that drive. I use Paragon's NTFS for Mac which also comes with a driver to allow Windows to read HFS drives, although, I haven't had the need to use it as all of my machines are networked.

    If you're using the drive as a backup to your Mac, you should be using HFS.

    I've been using the Paragon software for about 3 years and have not noticed any data corruption (knock on wood).
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    Quote Originally Posted by graph101 View Post
    I havent found a decent software for XP that can access HFS.
    If you ever need to access a HFS volume from Windows, I can recommend MacDrive from Mediafour, it provides HFS read/write capabilities and you can access the drive natively.

    MacDrive Mediafour

    I haven't found an opensource/free option.

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