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    imac os x
    I volunteer at local elem school. they have an old imac os x that they use for games/teaching for the kids. it is not connected to the internet. there are at least 2 problems i see on the system. the time and date area incorrect. i tried to fix it, however, all the features are grayed out. i rebooted a few times, however, still cannot update the time/date.

    there is also a game the kids are to play to help with hand/eye coordination. they play about 5 minutes, then the screen starts to 'black-out'. maybe it will come back with a reboot, but often not.

    is there anything i can do to correct these issues, or is this computer dead?

    the version is 10.3.9, so I know it is a really old version.

    (maybe this is one of the reasons our kids are at the bottom of the education heap?) thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

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    Hey There... I would like to know the specs... Hardrive, ram, model...
    i can suggest a few thing with the knowledge you have given me... I suggest that you find a mac OSX disk and reinstall mac OSX but this m ay be a lot simpler than that.. please give me your specs and i will reply

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    about the date and time
    the options are probably grayed out because you are not an admin, or you did not click the little lock icon in the corner to unlock the prefs.

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    Did you untick the box saying "Set Time and Date Automatically"? That along with pressing the unlock botton you should be able to set the time and date.

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    Guys i think it's a ram problem or a software problem... my iMac G3 did this while running the first OSX and i reinstalled it.... that kind of fixed it but once i changed up the ram.... it was all fixed

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    Hey ...I run 10.2 on an lime green iMac...its not that bad. I would reinstall the OS as kids have messing with this computer for a wail and who knows how corrupt the system is buy now. Just repaired a "school PC" for a client it had all kinds of problems.

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    Time and date error indicate a failing PRAM battery. Replace for about $5.00 or less. Not much help for the fading screen as CRT screens are just about history.

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