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    Help working Terminal?
    So, i want to play a game called minecraft. Problem is i cant run it simply by clicking the application because according to this user:

    "ahefner wrote:The bundle doesn't work because some unix file permissions get screwed up as a result of distributing the app bundle inside a zip file (versus, say, a .dmg). You can fix it from the terminal using the chmod command as follows:

    chmod +x ~/Downloads/

    Modify the above command to fit where you unzipped your minecraft"

    The thing is i'm pretty sure thats exactly where my minecraft file is so i shouldnt have to modify that command. However when i enter that command in terminal i get:

    "No such file or directory"

    My file is in my downloads folder of my user. This file/directory DOES exist. What am i doing wrong?

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    cd ~/Downloads/
    ls -l JavaApplicationStub
    chmod +x JavaApplicationStub
    If the "ls" shows that the file does indeed exist, then the subsequent "chmod" command should work..


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