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    Starting my old iMac
    I have an old round base type of iMac and when I turn it on... I hear the mac "ring" and then a little folder appears with a question mark in it in the center of the screen. The computer booted fine before moving it to my home from the office and now it wont boot and all I get is this little folder

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    It cannot find a system folder, have you got the restore disk still for that ole mac
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    Yea, that sometimes happens when you move them around. I got an iBook from a member here. Saw pictures of it working fine, but when it got here it was doing what you described. I popped in the disks, reloaded the OS, worked like a champ.

    Could be possible that the hard drive itself pooched. You will know that if the OS installer can't recognize any hard disk at all. Good luck! I want to get myself a G4 iMac; probably the coolest looking computer ever built IMO.
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    May be time for a new battery. Flavor iMacs will often not boot if the battery is dead. Check the time and date and see if there are wrong.

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