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    Hard drive partition
    I tried to partition my hard drive about a week ago so that I could install windows 7 via bootcamp. I unfortunately bought the wrong version of windows 7 and before correcting my error, I created the partition and tried to install it. I finally figured out that the reason why it wasn't installing was because I had the wrong version and decided to delete the partition. However, even though I've deleted it, whenever I start my iMac up, if I don't hold the command key, it'll take me right to a black screen that tells me that I need to install a boot disk (I'm guessing the computer still thinks I'm trying to load windows 7)

    I've tried googling and looking on forums to see if anyone has had this problem. But I'm guessing the reason why I haven't found much luck is because people know how to read when it says if an OS is just an upgrade or the full version

    A while back when my iMac crashed, the dude at the genius bar said that I didn't need to use time machine so that option is pretty much closed to me at this point.

    Will I just have to wipe my iMac and reload everything again?

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    Welcome to Mac Forums.
    First up, did you use Bootcamp assistant to create and remove the partition?
    As for booting, hold option while booting, select Macintosh HD.
    Then, once you are booted, go to system preferences, startup disk, and select Mac OS X, 10.6.x on Macintosh HD.

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    That is fantastic. Thanks for your help

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