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    Question is there a way to change folders to show thumbnails of content?

    i just bought an imac - I'm used to w7 - and want to [change something if it's even available?] see thumbnail preview of folder contents, not just gray folders...
    I can see thumbnails once I've opened folder (but not all, like some movie formats...) but want a thumbnail visual at the folder level (like internet explorer)
    is there a way to change the folder to show contents?
    I've tried view, window, system preferences, right clicking on folders...

    if it's not there a download somewhere?

    if not, is there any way to at least customize the folder icons? (other than just color highlight the text below)?

    all this gray is depressing...


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    Gidday cmm323. I'm very new myself so not the best to be offering you advice...

    However, one modification I have running on my Mac allows a (very subtle) XRay view of the internal contents of your folders. You may find it of interest:

    Open a Terminal window

    defaults write QLEnableXRayFolders -boolean YES
    If you decide you don't want/don't like, just enter the same command again with NO instead of YES.

    Hope that helps!

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