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Thread: snow leopard completely blocked

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    snow leopard completely blocked
    Hello everybody,
    I am now facing to a problem i thought id never had using Mac: my computer OS is completely out of service.

    Lately my mac started to block quite often, and yesterday it definitively stopped working: when I lit on my computer, I can log in but then everything is blocked.
    I only see my desktop, no icons or else, and I can do nothing, not even swith off the coputer without using the manual button.

    I assume I have to erase everything and to install again the OS but since I can do nothing with my computer, I wonder how I could do that.

    Anyone would like to explain me, please?
    Thank you very much

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    You have already received an answer when you cross posted to another forum. Please do not cross post. Keep the discussion to one thread. I'm going to close out this thread. If you wish to continue the discussion post back to the other thread.

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