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    OSX Emulators/screen-shots/multi-boot

    I am looking for some kind of emulator, screen-shots or even multi-boot setup for referencing.

    I'm on a specialized mac support group at work and we support OSX from 10.2-Current.

    So far i have simply been searching online for screen shots of the particular window I am helping people with but it's really a pain and time consuming.

    We just ordered a new Mac-Mini, and I'm looking to some how get the different version of OSX on there. Even if it's a screen shot based emulator such as the ones on

    Here is OSX 10.1 on modem help, for example.
    Macintosh OS v10.1 (ModemHelp)

    If I cant find anything like that, I might even try multi-boot or a VM to run the different version of OSX.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    You might be out of luck running the different versions other than Snow Leopard on the Mini, simply because Leopard wont have the drivers needed to run the graphics card etc on the new hardware when the Mini comes with SL. Tiger was never released in an Intel Retail version so you wont be able to put that on either and anything earlier you will need a PPC mac to run it.

    As far as I know the only OSX software that you can actually run in a VM is OSX Server

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    Macs generally cannot run anything older than the OS they shipped with.

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