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    Sep 30, 2010
    plzzzzzzzzzz help
    now i am trying to install mac os x 10.6.3 from original CD belongs to anther macbook 2009 and and it can not pass a message that have a title says that
    "mac os x can't be installed on this computer ."
    and the content of the message is "if you want to restore your system from a time machine backup click "restore from backup"
    hint the message have two tabs
    first tab is restore from backup
    and the second tab is restart
    then when i click restore from backup then click continue and then give me no backup
    and i am terribly disturbed , i can not install snow leopard on my 2009 macbook
    please any help will be very appreciated

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    The CD that comes with the a macbook is restricted to that macbook. $29 will get you a new disk from apple.
    Thanks, Eddie
    Software Engineering Student, NTU

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    Sep 30, 2010
    so, what about the pirated edition?
    i had installed on my previous MBP a snow leopard version downloaded from torrent file and it always no problem
    by the way i have red something about that if the version i want to install older than the version that shipped with the macbook it can not be installed
    know something about that.........

    thanks for your fast reply
    wish you the best...........
    see you ..

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    So, what about installing illegal / pirated software? It's discussion is not permitted here.

    Where is the disc that came with your machine? I'd suggest you call Apple and ask for a set of replacement discs.

    If you can't come up with the $29 "retail" for a legitimate copy, I'd suggest you don't really need it all that bad.

    You need the original discs or a retail copy of OS X in order to install it legally on your computer. Pretty much end of discussion.
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