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    Help with downloading
    Recently I have had issues downloading. No matter which browser I use (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome), whenever I try to download the page will just refresh or it will turn white with no text. I logged onto my wife's profile and can download just fine.

    On my profile, I can download pictures by right-clicking and I can update software via drop-down menus; however, "click here to download" links do not work (sites such as and

    I have Googled this issue to death and cannot find any sort of solution. The closest that I have found involves removing download enhancement applications. The problem is that I have never used those, although I did double-check my applications folder for whichever program was listed in the given solution. I have also tried turning my firewall on and off to no avail.

    Additionally, I have used anti-virus software (ClamXav) and that came up with nothing. I am using a 2007 Intel iMac 10.6.4 and have 90+ gigs of space on my hard drive. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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    It works fine on another account, therefore the problem is the account. Create a new one. Read Mac Help on Accounts to migrate from the corrupt one to the new one without losing files, etc. Then fuggetaboutit. You'll spin your wheels trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with that account. It's not worth it.

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