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    Question Weird Random Key Errors
    Today certain keys on my keyboard started creating a mixture of random characters when pressed, though in one instance the words "be happy" came up. Seems to happen across apps: Entourage, Safari, Word, Appleworks. Might be a loose connection, though that "be happy" message is pretty specific. (Haven't had time to check the connections and I'm not there now.)

    It also randomly performs other functions. I'll type <space> and get a weird group of characters, then type it again and the window will minimize, or the "find" dialogue box will open, or the preferences box will open. Seems to be totally random, though isolated to only a few keys.

    Have checked my connections, tested usb ports & reset keyboard defaults in prefs.

    Any thoughts anyone?

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    Do you have siblings that know how to use Apple Remote Desktop in your local network by any chance?

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