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    10.6 Network Bindings Script
    Periodically, I need to join an ad-hoc (computer to computer) wifi connection from the macbook pro to control/admin a piece of network hardware.

    The device purposefully has a non-standard 192.168.x.x ip range. The device does not offer DHCP services, thus the process to connect to it is rather protracted and time consuming.

    Does 10.6 support any unix like script that can invoke the commands to change the airport connection to the specified ad-hoc connection and set the appropriate tcp/ip static bindings for the airport adapter? Then have another script to return the bindings to their usual DHCP state?

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    Like ipconfig and ifconfig?

    Yes it does.


    I assume you are referring to the Windows NET SH commands? If you want executable scripts (like .bat or.cmd) an easier method is using automator applications to run shell scripts. Open Automator and select Utilities from the left side and drag the Shell Script option to the right. Format the script syntax to fit your bill and save.

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