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    Where to buy 10.5 ?
    Hi !

    I've a iMac G5 and it's still running on 10.3.9, the OSx that came with the computer when I bought it.

    Now, nothing will install, my browsers are outdated and I really need to upgrade my little baby !

    Does anybody know where I can still by Leopard 10.5 (for PPC) ? I'm looking everywhere on the Internet and can't seem to find anywhere to buy it !

    Thanks for your advice !
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    First, a caution: Don't buy a machine-specific disc. They are grey, and will only install on the same model they shipped with.

    If you can't find the "retail disc" (black) on eBay or some other web site, try
    Go to the online store, and call the toll free number.
    6 months ago, they still had some, but were not advertising it.

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    As you will see from Zoolook's thread, it is quite amazing the price Leopard discs are bringing, about 50% dearer than when released brand new. Also check out the trading section of these forums as Leopard does come up from time to time.

    And as toMACsh advised, only purchase the black coloured full retail install DVD, not a silver.grey model specific system install disc.

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