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Thread: Freezing after startup

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    Freezing after startup

    Since a few weeks every now and then my mac freezes after I have startup my system.
    I can get pass the login where it asks for a password, then once I see the dock it freezes I cannot open any program or finder.
    Sometimes I manage to open a program but then after a few minutes the system freezes again. To be clear, I can watch a video without my screen freezes but when I want to shutdown Quicktime for example it freezes/blocks.

    Does anyone knows what to do with this problem?
    Since I' having this today all day I'm considering to format the whole system and then but everything back with time machine but I'm afraid that will make the problem come back again to!


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    Many things can cause system freezing, however, two most common causes are graphic processor problems and bad memory.

    I suggest running the Apple Hardware Test on your machine to see if it picks up anything that can help. The AHT usually will spot bad memory. Run the extended tests.

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    Oh ..Yes...Bad Memory. Mac firmware updates can disable ram modules that it considers faulty. Does profiler say your missing memory.

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    The usual test turned out fine. I'm running an extended test now but I think it's stuck. After more than 30 minutes it still says that it's at 5 mins and I don't see any progress in the test.

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