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    Selling one MBP, moving to another new one
    Hi all, think I have got the correct forum section for this one, if not apologies.

    I am selling my mid 2009 MBP 15" and will be replacing it with a new 13" model. The main issue I am going to have is migrating everything over to the new 13", I say this as I am not going to have both MBP's at the sametime, I need to sell the 15" to be able to buy the 13".

    I have read some articles detailing using the migration assistant, but it appears you need both of the MBP's on the same network to do it, which I won't be able to do.

    Can anyone suggest how I can migrate all of my user profile and data etc across to the new MBP once I get it ?, is there a way I can utilise an external hardrive now whilst I still have the MBP 15" and take a backup, that I can simply restore on the 13" when I get it ?

    thanks for any help and advice you can offer.


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    You can use Carbon Copy Cloner. Its a free software to back up a clone of your current hard disk. You can google it and download the software and then use it.



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    Recently did just that, and it works fine. And, as an added benefit, you now have a complete backup of your system on the external hard drive!

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