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    Sep 23, 2010
    USB to Serial tty.usbserial Problem HELP
    Im running Mac OSX 10.6.4

    So i have a Prolific 2303 Serial to USB port.
    Im trying to use this with Z-Term to connect to Cisco Router.

    I originally followed this guide:
    Add a serial port to your Mac

    my :
    Product ID: 0x2303
    Vendor ID: 0x067b
    (as it read in my System Profiler)

    Originally this was working. I could connect using Z-Term and all was well.
    The very next time i started up the program and tried to connect, it could not find the usbserial device.

    I have looked in my /dev/ folder and there is no entry for tty.usbserial
    i used this command in Terminal :

    ls -la /dev/tty.*

    Not sure if thats the issue ? But seems to be missing a tty file?
    Basicly in Z-Term when i go to Settings > Modem Preferences , there is no serial via usb option anymore (there was the first time i set it up)

    Other thing i was thinking, maybe Z-Term locked the tty like Minicom can do on Linux?

    Any help would be great, busting a blood vesstle on this one....


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    Sep 19, 2011
    Having exact same issue
    Is there an answer to this post? I'm having the exact same issue. The tty.usbserial file is missing from /dev directory. I only see two blue tooth files listed and nothing for the usb to serial dongle I have on my macbook pro. Everything was working until I upgraded to Lion and it quit working. Now the file does not exist. Any help would be great.

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