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    Exclamation My Macbook keys not working correctly
    all of my "f" buttons are not working correctly and not sure how to correct...also, my computer isn't remembering passwords like it did a month or so ago...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Figured out the first part...but why isn't my mac remembering passwords???

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    Hi veley and welcome to M-F 1stly the *f* keys and functions probably do work. This isnt windows so you need to press the *fn* key as well as the corresponding *F* key you would like to use. And i believe you can set them up the way you want in System Preferences.
    On the password thing, Go into KeyChain and see what its doing. Or better still if it is only just starting to do it, i would Repair Permissions via Disk Utility give the system a clean up and see if problem persists Hope it has helped some

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    Sep 22, 2010
    Rantoul, IL
    Macbook 10.5.8
    Exclamation cleanup
    When I try doing the comes up with errors and won't clean up...

    also posted another problem I was having...maybe you can help...

    I downloaded cleanmymac and onyx to help clean my mac...and neither will open...they just force closed...any thoughts????

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