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    Help Please
    I have a macbook pro and am having the following problem.

    When I type the following letters into my macbook pro, I get two letters instead of one.

    2 comes up with 23
    3 comes up with 23
    W comes up with EW
    E comes up with EW
    S comes up with DS
    D comes up with DS
    X comes up with CX
    C comes up with CX

    It is only these keys. Can you tell me what I might be able to do in order to get this fixed? or do I have to get a new keyboard installed into the macbook? If I have to do that, its going to be costly and I really don't want to go that route.

    I have tried the PRAM reset with out luck.

    Any ideas please.

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    I found that if you hold down both left and right shift key at the same time (did this for several seconds), it somehow solved the problem. Hopefully that fixed the issue. Also, go to control panel, click on accessibility the keyboard tab, click on the settings buttons for sticky keys, filter keys and toggle keys and deselect the option to use shortcut..
    Hopefully this will help you.

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    Not trying to be a smart aarse, but have you got ginormous fingers and are *accidentally* hitting both keys when you type ???
    Being they are near each other this could be the problem and you have a awkward typing stance ?? Apart from saying that when you type these keys 2 letters/numbers come up you havnt really givin us much info as to the entire problem ....
    Like where and when it happens ?? All the time ?? Only in Safari ?? Textedit ?? this sort of info can go a long way
    Just a thought

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