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bobalob 09-20-2010 10:50 PM

PS3 and AE

I just moved in to a house and am very confused by the Airport Express. I have a Macbook and once I moved in I asked my housemate what the passcode was and she told me that I didn't need it for the Airport Express. I was quite perplexed by this, but after I turned on my computer she went to Open Network Preferences>Advanced and highlighted the network name and that it was a WPA Personal. Pressed OK and I was online.


But I'm confused, because I don't have a password stored in my computer for this AE. I am connected to it, but I don't have the password to access it.

Now I am setting up my PS3. I can recognize the AE, but I am consistently asked for the password.

I don't know what it is and neither does my housemate. She knows less than I do about computers. All this stuff was set up by a guy that lived here a long time ago.

Why is it that my Mac can connect to the AE without a password and not my PS3. Also, how do I get my PS3 to connect?

Any help is appreciated.

MacKeeperUser 09-21-2010 12:39 PM

It's just impossible:)
Check all settings on your PS3 and AE you try to connect to)
Have you ever tried to leave the Password field blank and just click ok?

bobalob 09-21-2010 01:52 PM

Hey MacKeeper,

Yep I have. With my PS3 if I leave the field as none for the password or with the WPA as nothing it won't connect.

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