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    security questions for a new imac user
    We just got our first real Mac--a 27" iMac.

    Hubby wanted to have MS Office on it, regardless of anything. With the cost of the computer, Office didn't add that much to the cost.

    So my questions are about security and virus. I have plenty of files from my PCs. If there's any viruses on my Dell laptops, would that transfer with my loading the files on the new iMac? I know the viruses are designed for PC, not Mac, but I want to make sure.

    Are there any precautions I should take before doing, well, much of anything that's remotely confidential on the Mac?

    I'm getting used to it already even though I've basically only been online and filing up the iTunes library with our 400+ cd's (almost halfway through that process).

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    AS I Know PC's viruses aren't dangerous for Mac and generally mak rarely susceptible to viruses.
    Mac uses a good built-in protection (only comes out quarterly updates - here you should always install is the best solution) and additional. use antivirus software at will, you want to bet it (eg ClamXav - free and easy)

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    There aren't any known viruses for OS X in circulation. There are trojans, but these will need to be installed by you alongside a pirated copy of a software application (so if you don't do anything like that then you're fine). You really don't need any extra security software, ESPECIALLY not MacKeeper as linked to above, for which you need to pay. Free alternatives exist if you really want something extra.

    If you want to be bullet-proof sure of safety when doing online banking, you can create a separate user account and save it purely for that purpose.

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    Thanks, guys!

    Now that I have this, I'll be reading this board a lot more, looking for tips and such.

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