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    Switch work email from macbook pro to new macbook
    I have been using a macbook pro for work, work emails and DJing.
    Recently I decided to get a new macbook solely for work and work emails.

    I have my work email account set up in "mail" on my macbook pro and it is working without a glitch.
    I'm facing 2 difficult issues on my new macbook.

    Issue 1
    After setting up my email account on my new macbook, every few seconds a pop up will appear prompting me to:
    "Enter password for xxxxxxxx"

    "The POP server “” rejected the password for user “”
    Please re-enter your password, or cancel."

    Issue 2
    From the macbook I tried sending a test mail to the very same email account.
    I received the test mail on my macbook pro but not on my macbook.
    So the outgoing works fine but incoming isn't.

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    What email service are you using?

    Are you sure you have the correct password in the mail account settings? Check you on the MBP to be sure.

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