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    Jul 23, 2010
    Home directory mapped, things disappear - UPDATED
    10.5.8 OS on all MACS
    login into Active Directoy Windows 2003 Server
    Home Directory appears on Dock for all users

    However, when I drag info to it, it shows it for a split second and then disappears. So nothing seems to be listed in the home folder. But obviously they have rights to access the folder.

    However, when I log onto a Windows PC on our network, the work is visible.

    And me as an admin, have complete rights so I can use login and access my directory and save/view everything I need.

    Is there a rights/communication issue between the Home directory on our Windows 2003 Server and our MAC machines? These are basic users, students to be exact, and they have full rights to their own Home directory that is mapped to them.


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    Jul 23, 2010
    So I did a little testing... and being a newbie to administering mac's...maybe it really was this simple...

    Under Directory Utility > Active Directory > Show Advanced Options > User Experience

    There is an option for
    > Create mobile account login

    does this make sense to anyone that checking this would make a difference? I am still not in complete understanding of the "mobile account login"


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