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    Network slow after relocating Mac Pro to new network
    Just moved a Mac Pro to a new network (relocated from one university lab to that of another university). Network speed (and by that I mean www) was fine at the first institution. Upon moving to the new lab and connecting to the network, the network is very slow. Especially compared to the brand new Macs and new (as well as old) XP Professional machines.

    When I view Networks via Finder, there are 175 items of Kind 'Neighborhood', most of which have 0 items when I click to expand them [1]. As I press the down arrow to one-by-one expand each network entry, alphabetically, I get the spinning rainbow pinwheel that "freezes" finder for about 60 seconds. This occurs at a greater rate as I move down, until finder freezes at every entry by about the 'P' entries and I'm forced to give up.

    Somehow this is being translated into slowing the www traffic to a crawl. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you.

    [1] For the sake of comparison, we have another Mac (a brand new iMac) that list 112 items of Kind 'Neighborhood' for which the network runs nice and fast.

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    Not sure if I will be of any help here ... but is it a possiblilty that being on a new network it is trying to do an index of the computers on the network? and afterward may be faster..?

    Also another question would be is anything else slow (application loads)? I ask this because I am assuming that the machine was Physicaly moved ... was there something bumped or jarred in transport?

    Have you tried the simple things of repairing permissions?
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    Problem SOLVED
    Solved it.

    Under Networks there were old IP addresses and domain names under the DNS Server and Search Domains fields. Erased all entries for these fields and immediately all the lag disappeared during network/internet use.

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