Hi everyone, thanks for taking time to read and hopefully give me a hand.

I am running a Mac Book Pro (2.5 GHz) OS X 10.5.8 with Safari 5.0.2. I installed the latest apple updates about 3 days ago.

Over the past two days I have noticed a few issues popping up with both Safari and Firefox. Both browsers are often stalling, cancelling page loads prior to completion. I am also constantly having problems with forms on both browsers, failure to send messages in Facebook (hanging). In fact, most issues seem to be happening in Facebook. I have since attempted the same operations on my GF's laptop (which is operating through the same wireless router) and have had no problems at all. As such, I believe the issue is something to do with my operating system.

After the system hanging, if I reset Safari (empty cache, get rid of cookies etc) it all works again for a few pages of facebook before hanging again.

Anyone have any ideas???

Thanks plenty!